Backing Up ZFS

David N davidn04 at
Fri Dec 19 00:47:46 UTC 2008


As ZFS is becoming more stable and approaching production ready, how
would one "Backup" ZFS? In terms of backing up to an external media or
storage rather than doing snapshots. In case the the server
spontaneously bursts into flames.

Cost would be my main focus, so backing up to a HDD would be preferable.

I'm just curious at what others are currently doing to back up huge
amounts of data. eg. 2TB and onwards.

1. ZFS -> External HDD (External HDD aren't even big enough to handle
greater than 2TB) Taken offsite daily
2. ZFS -> Another ZFS box (Not sure how you take it off site daily)
3. ZFS -> Remote ZFS using RSync (Living in Australia, there are
limits on data transfer of a few hundred GB per month, to costs are

David N

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