7.1 RC1 - problems with Intel Pro/1000 NIC (em0)?

Mark Moellering mark at msen.com
Thu Dec 18 22:06:01 UTC 2008

Ewald Jenisch wrote:
> Hi,
> After installing FreeBSD 7.1 RC1 from the DVD-image I found that the
> PC in question has no LAN connectivity upon reboot.
> The PC has an Intel GE builtin NIC showing up as "Intel PRO/1000
> Network Connection 6.9.6" in dmesg.
> For the problem: Though IP-Adress, default-GW etc. are correctly set
> the box can't e.g. ping anything on the net; neither on the local lan
> nor across the default-gw. Same the other way round: machine can't be
> ping-ed, not even from the local subnet.
> What's interesting though is that on both the LAN-Switch and the PC
> ("ifconfig") the interface shows up as connected. Even more
> interesting: the MAC-address of the PC-nic shows up on the
> corresponding LAN-Switch. So there definitely is "some form of
> connectivity".
> When starting a "tcpdump" there's no output - so obviously nothing is
> coming into the machine form the network.
> To cross-check I've 
> a) swapped the patch-cable for another one - no change
> b) tried Ubuntu (Linux) from the Live-CD - under Ubuntu I've got full
> LAN-connectivity without any problems
> so it must be something FreeBSD related...
> Has anybody out there had problems with an Intel GE-Nic ("em0") under
> 7.1?
> Thanks in advance for any clue,
> -ewald
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There was a note on the intel em chipset.  most of them are being 
renamed to igb, that could be part of the problem.  You may need to 
check the hardware notes.

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