FreeBSD 7 load hangs on boot

ThinkDifferently Jeremy at
Thu Dec 18 17:00:08 UTC 2008

Steve Randall-2 wrote:
> ThinkDifferently wrote:
>> Also, I've been able to determine that I don't have a RocketRAID device. 
>> That's a separate RAID card, and I simply don't have one.  What I have is
>> an
>> onboard NVIDIA NForce Storage Controller.  I'm befuddled as to why
>> FreeBSD
>> thinks I have RocketRAID.
> It doesn't. FreeBSD DOES include the hptrr driver (among many others)
> in the generic kernel. Most drivers remain quiet when they find nothing
> to drive, but not hptrr. The message confirms that you DON'T have
> RocketRAID, and gives no insight into your problem.
> I can't really help you with that. I can tell you that FreeBSD 7.0
> works fine on my nForce 630a chipset, though I do not have it
> configured for RAID, only AHCI. Your 720a chipset is newer, perhaps
> too new to be supported by FreeBSD 7.0. You might want to give 7.1 a
> try. You might also check if your BIOS is up to date, in case the
> problem is there.

Thanks for the update.

I strongly believe now it is the GeForce 8200 chipset (aka MCP78).

I have found a few posts on other forums with users expressing the same hang
issue.  The cases weren't with the same mobo, but it was the same chipset.

Here is one example:
See message #3.  Keywords:  FreeBSD 7.0 GeForce 8200 hangs

So, steer clear of GeForce 8200 for FreeBSD (at least for the 7.0 release).
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