Steve Polyack korvus at
Thu Dec 18 16:26:03 UTC 2008

B. Cook wrote:
> I have a freebsd 7.0 client running in an vmware cluster.
> Is there something that I am missing, or that something I can do to 
> make this go away?
> The owner of the cluster is telling me he keeps getting this in the logs:
> -Unfortunately I'm still seeing these in the VMWare log every minute....
> Dec 18 07:34:37 Hostd: [2008-12-18 
> 12:34:37.219 'VmMisc' 98311 warning] Failed to find conversion from 
> FreeBSD7.0 to type: vim.vm.GuestOsDescriptor.GuestOsIdentifier
Try setting the Guest OS description to just "FreeBSD".  I have multiple 
VM's running with the guest OS descriptor set to FreeBSD or freebsd-64 
and have never seen this issue.

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