Extracting changed files list from snapshot

Bernard Dugas bernard at dugas-family.org
Thu Dec 18 08:45:06 UTC 2008

Mel wrote:
> I'm still wondering if you're not better off with ZFS, but this does seem like 
> a useful app in it's own right.

ZFS is not handling replication on remote servers very well currently, 
and they don't seem to care about this from the reactions i had on some 
forums. And i would not use ZFS for production system on FreeBSD now.

FFS snapshots are stable in production, and adding a reading function on 
snapshot structures will not change stability :-)

> The TAILQ_HEAD statement means it's creating a tail queue(3) (double linked 
> fifo/stack) of inodes. The snapdata structure contains the start of the list, 
> the size and a lock. The sn_blklist pointer, I will have to look up.
> I think i'm gonna have fun with this for a bit ;)

This is christmas gift. But for who :-?

Thanks a lot !
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