Publishing information via DNS

DAve dave.list at
Wed Dec 17 15:39:58 UTC 2008

Kelly Jones wrote:
> Has anyone tried publishing non-DNS information via DNS? Advantages:
>  % Automatic distributed caching on various nameservers.
>  % UDP, so no TCP overhead
> I know SPF uses this, and clamav publishes their current version
> number this way, but has anyone done this on a large scale basis?

Someone needs to invent and promote a TextualDatagramPublicationProtocol 
or TDPP because DNS has been abused for publishing non DNS data for too 
long. Continuing to use DNS for things it was never intended to do will 
only cloud the issue and delay implementation when the internet decides 
to take DNS security seriously.

Just my two cents.


The whole internet thing is sucking the life out of me,
there ain't no pony in there.

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