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Wed Dec 17 14:14:58 UTC 2008

On Wed, 17 Dec 2008 21:25:20 +1000, Warren Liddell <shinjii at> wrote:
> Im trying to setup my Printer a Cannong Pixma Ip1000 which is detected 
> aok soon as i plug it in ... I have looked through a few sites an tryed 
> ot follow some, but im afraid i need a basic HOW TO for dummies type 
> style of setting up an configuring my printer to work on FreeBSD 
> 7.1-PRERELEASE AMD 64 .. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> This is the site i have been following ... 

According to your printer model, I think you're best off using
CUPS (common UNIX printing system). Don't get me wrong: I've
used apsfilter myself for several years now without problems,
HP and Lexmark laser printers attached, but since I needed to
install FreeBSD 7 from scratch, including new apsfilter version,
the printer don't duplex anymore.

Furthermore, CUPS is known for supporting more printers than
apsfilter does. In some way, it seems that it can even support
printers that claim to be "Windows" only.

Basically, you should read the handbook's section about printing
and then follow the CUPS documentation about how to set uo your
particular printer.

Printing on FreeBSD can be described as consisting of three parts:
the printer queue (spool) which is managed by the OS itself,
the printing converter control (CUPS, apsfilter) and finally
the particular drivers or converters for the printer.

If everyone would have a PS capable printer, only the first
part would be needed. :-)

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