PHP5 as apache module using packages

Gary Hartl ghartl at
Wed Dec 17 14:02:18 UTC 2008

> Hi all;
> Ok so i've reinstalled fBSD-7 and i'm running apache 2.2 installed using
> pkg_add
> I need to also run php as a module for apache (the web software i'm using
> requires php as module no cgi).

Curious: what software and why? The only valid reason is that the sofware 
writes php_value/php_flag options to .htaccess files. This has many other 
implications and I would carefully examine the software and all other 
websoftware I have installed, before allowing this.

The software is, it is social software, i'm working on a project
for a world of warcraft guild (yes this is a money deal), they are looking
for a facebookish type site with some custom world of warcraft stuff done.

I haven't really looked too much at the software yet although I'm going to.
This is going to be on a dedicated server, not doing anything else.



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