socket: too many open file descriptors (Re: Python with many threads)

Ott Köstner OttK at
Wed Dec 17 11:51:57 UTC 2008


Answering my own mail ;)

Ott Köstner wrote:

> Still, something locks up in the system, when I increase the number 
> Python threads with
> The frequency of these messages increases with 70 threads. And with 
> 200 threads the system locks up totally -- almost no access from web. 
> [I can still access the system and kill the process :)  ]
> Clearly, there is some limit in the system. It is not memory, cpu or 
> bandwidth. If the number of threads is also not limited, it must be 
> something else. What might it be?
Eventually, I found out that the limiting factor here is named, not 
capable of handling more request and causing Apache to lock up.

But now I am trapped here. Is there anybody who can help?

In /var/log/messages:
named[63198]: socket: too many open file descriptors

I have googled this, but no help. Recompiled bind, adding 
-DFD_SETSIZE=2048 to CFLAGS. No help.

sockstat |grep -c named

does not big numbers. With 60 Grubng/Pyhton threads this number is 
around 20, rises over 100 with 100 threads, but this is still much lower 
than 2048...
Any ideas?


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