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Paul Schmehl pauls at
Wed Dec 17 04:02:43 UTC 2008

--On December 16, 2008 7:33:31 PM -0600 Steve Bertrand <steve at> 
> One of the reasons I've had to edit Makefile manually was because a
> client needed JPEG support.
> At the time, `make config' didn't provide that option.

You should *never* need to edit a Makefile in a port.  (Well, extremely 
rarely.)  Usually the options are provided.  Optionally you can add them 
on the commandline like this:
make -dwith_enable-foo -dwith_disable-bar.  In the case of major ports 
such as lang/php5, the options are almost always available somehow.  Jpeg 
support, for example, is in php5-extensions.

If you don't find something you're expecting in a port, and you can't get 
an answer on this list, email the port maintainer, whose email address 
will always be in the port's Makefile.

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