lang/php5 port

Steve Bertrand steve at
Wed Dec 17 01:17:29 UTC 2008

Tom Worster wrote:
> is there any documentation or a helpful website for how to use ports to
> install php5?
> i'm used to compiling it with a pretty long configuration command for all
> the optional bits i need, e.g. --with-dom --with-dom-xslt --enable-dom
> --with-pear --with-gd etc. etc. on and on.
> i'm unclear how these options are handled in freebsd ports. is it a matter
> of identifying lots of individual ports, one for each of the configuration
> command options i'd normally use?

>From what I can tell (and how I normally do it) is simply put your
familiar command line compile args in the Makefile within the ports tree.

If you follow the flow of the existing Makefile, it should become clear
as to how to add your custom args.


# cd /usr/ports/lang/php5
# ee (or if you please 'vi') Makefile
# make install [clean]

...any problems, report back. Ironically, I just did this type of PHP
install today.


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