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Tue Dec 16 21:35:39 UTC 2008

   Message from Mike McConnell . . .

   Hello there - I wanted to share mySBX with you - something that has
   changed the way my company finds everything from work, people, teaming
   opportunities, great information, etc... -- Just thought you may have
   interest in exploring mySBX and hope you find it as helpful as we
   have. Please let me know your thoughts... Thanks -- Mike

   Invitation Details Below . . .

   Mike McConnell recently joined mySBX -- a collaborative network for
   professionals and enterprises to pursue revenue opportunities,
   exchange assets and resources, collaborate on projects, and accelerate
   key decisions regarding their businesses.

   Mike McConnell has identified you as valuable addition to the network
   and would like you to join us in growing and shaping this community.
   Together, we can change the way we work forever.

   Please follow this personal registration link and you will be
   exploring mySBX in minutes:

   Thank you and welcome, in advance.

   Jeff White

   President, mySBX

   About this Invitation . . .

   This invitation has been sent to you by mySBX at the specific request
   of Mike McConnell ([2]mikemcconnell44 at

   If you would like to register, but would rather not click on the link
   above, please visit [3], click on the Join the Preview
   link, and register directly.

   Please reply this email to registration at with the words "no
   invitations" in the subject if you would like mySBX to prevent other
   members from inviting you to join.

   Send any comments or questions to [4]registration at

   About mySBX . . .

   Please visit [5] to learn more about mySBX, or send
   inquiries to Jeff White ([6]jwhite at

   © mySBX LLC, 2008


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