PHP5 as apache module using packages

Gary Hartl ghartl at
Tue Dec 16 16:18:06 UTC 2008

> Ok so i've reinstalled fBSD-7 and i'm running apache 2.2 
> installed using
> pkg_add
> I need to also run php as a module for apache (the web 
> software i'm using
> requires php as module no cgi).
> Now I pkg_add'ed php5 from sparc64/all tree on, 
> I think I missed passing a variable throu to php.  
> My question is how do I know what variables I can pass throu 
> to a package to
> adjust its installation.


If you want to configure things differntly to the compiled default of a
package, then you probably should be using ports instead of packages. This
chapter in the handbook explains some differences.

 - Barry

Thanks Barry

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