i686 CPU Compatibility

Beech Rintoul beech at alaskaparadise.com
Tue Dec 16 02:34:35 PST 2008

On Tuesday 16 December 2008 00:50:30 Anthony M. Rasat wrote:
> Abd Hamid Shamsi wrote:
> >I just want to ask, is this freeBSD compatible with my
> >i686 CPU. if there any, please advice me what version
> >should i use.
> FreeBSD came with two x86 flavour (can I said that? LOL sorry just had an
> ice cream earlier) which is x86 (32-bit) and x86_64 (64-bit).
> The x86 flavour is intended for old 386, 486 and 585 (starting from Pentium
> Pro and upward version) to latest Pentium 4 Dual Core. The x86 can handle
> multi processor architechture with SMP kernel which is available by
> default.
> The x86_64 flavour intended for AMD64 architechture that current Intel Core
> 2 Duo and since AMD Sempron and upward employed. However, this is not for
> IA64 which is totally different version of FreeBSD (I think) have created
> for it.
> If you aim for tested stable version of FreeBSD, you can use
> FreeBSD-6.x-RELEASE lines. However if your hardware is up to current (say
> no less than 2 years tops) and you want the bleeding-edge version of
> applications, you can try FreeBSD-7.0-RELEASE line (7.1 version is still in
> Release Candidate stage and not recommended except for testers).
> Hopes that what you're looking for.

7.0 is perfectly stable and is recommended for production use. It's not 
bleeding edge code. That's 8.0-CURRENT which is NOT for production use. 
Unless you have a particular reason for using 6.x I would go with 7.0 It's 
fully tested.

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