Startup scipt

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Mon Dec 15 14:27:19 PST 2008

> instance it has first one already runned. And he add second instance
> because of it is not enough to have only one instance. So
> proftpd_enable="YES" will enable all instances
> proftpd_enable="NO" will disable all instances
> proftpd_external_enable="NO" will disable some instance
> For example: user run three instances, but now want to disable one of
> them. So it write <service_name>_<instance_name>_enable="NO"
> What do you think about this improvement?

it's EXCELLENT. when i needed this i simply started things from 
/etc/rc.local but then killing/restarting any of them required manually
doing ps |grep, kill etc...

please contribute patches. it will be very useful.

make sure for every instance you can give different parameters.

example - one machine services 2 customers in one building, has 2 
ethernets (+1 for external traffic), and i would like to run 2 samba 
servers with configs:


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