Why FreeBSD not popular on hardware vendors

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Mon Dec 15 04:07:09 PST 2008

>    base system: nothing appropriate
> Maybe what we need isn't for you to keep complaining about 70% of the
> very helpful list traffic,

helpful for whom?

> thus producing another 5% of the list traffic
> yourself (directly, and indirectly through annoyed responses to you), but
> for someone to come up with a base-system at freebsd.org list where you can
> hang out and be happy.
seems you actively like this mailing list to become big shit.
You WELL know what i am talking about, and you just play with words.

Because i AM very much feared about FreeBSD future not being like lots of 
other free software project, i will do everything to take all idiots, 
winusers, "students" that want comparision between different OS in few 
words (because they was required at school), questions about one of 
million of non-freebsd specific software, stupid discussion about 
windoze-like bloatware running under unix etc. etc.

I really don't care about your opinion, just because it's THE ONLY GOOD 

There was linux many years ago, yes - less functional, but WELL DONE, they 
f...ked it up by quickly adding every stupid features requested.

Then i switched to NetBSD, that worked excellent up to 1.5, 
and then got f..ked up even more than linux when started to be sponsored 
by "wasabisystems" and possibly other funny companies. They even changed 
the way versions are numbered to get higher numbers faster ;)

Now i'm using FreeBSD and it got better each version.
Really better, not "better".

And i really want to keep it that way, because there is no alternative 

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