Quite Stumped here, need suggestions

Roger Olofsson 240olofsson at telia.com
Sun Dec 14 12:39:17 PST 2008

Robert Richards skrev:
> Hi All:
> I am running: FreeBSD 6.3-RELEASE-p5 #3: Sun Oct  5 15:31:05 EDT 2008
> On a Sager 8800 Laptop. I have had FreeBSD installed for about a year,
> and all is working perfectly. I can bring up KDE, run many apps, all
> without a problem, except for ONE recent development. Every so often
> FreeBSD initiates a clean shutdown on it's own. Xwindows goes down
> cleanly,  kernel modules are unloaded, processes are stopped, drives
> are cleanly dismounted, and the system is powered down. It's exactly
> what you would expect if you issued a shutdown -h now command.  No
> core files are generated, and messages, even when the OS is brought up
> with verbose logging shows nothing.
> After trying many things, including running with a previous kernel, a
> GENERIC kernel, running in single-user mode, running minimalist,
> etc.... I decided to buildworld and buildkernel and essentially
> reinstall everything.
> While updating sources via cvsup, there was a shutdown. A subsequent
> attempt completed successfully. I then cleared out /usr/obj and did a
> make buildworld. After 39 minutes a shutdown. Repeated this, and a
> shutdown happened after 7 minutes.  I repeated this in single user
> mode, with older kernels, with GENERIC kernel, same results, the
> system shuts down cleanly at some point. Never at the same point or
> doing the same task (Yes I used script  as well; script simply exits
> as if make said all done! ).  It's as if a ghost-root issued a
> shutdown -h command.
> One additional clue. If I bring the system up "without acpi" the
> shutdown is instant, and unclean. No scripts are run, drives are left
> dirty, but still no clue in the logs.
> I am now stumped! What could cause the system to shut down in this
> fashion? With acpi active, the init scripts are executed in shutdown
> mode. What could cause the kernel to believe it has received a command
> to shutdown like this?
> I am not new to this stuff, but I have never seen anything like this.
> I AM new to FreeBSD, I had been running Linux for years until
> recently, and absolutely love the order, consistency, layout, and
> clean architecture of this OS. But this is weird!
> Where to look? What to try? I am truly stumped here.
> Bob
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Hi Bob,

Do the shutdowns appear after using the lap for some time? If that is 
the case then I'd guess it's a heat problem or a disk failing.

Have you booted to single user and done fsck?


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