is there a way to get an ACK from the mutt version of FBSD?

andrew clarke mail at
Sun Dec 14 09:04:43 PST 2008

On Sat 2008-12-13 17:02:48 UTC-0500, Glen Barber (glen.j.barber at wrote:

> >        i did something to evolution (or mail) so it sends a "your mail was opened
> >        on user at".  i've been hunting thru the mutt docs; i do not see how to
> >        get a similar ack from mutt as evo.  is there, perhaps a sendmail.[cf|mc]
> >        way lost in the reams of pages in my sendmail book?  [2 da ago i send
> >        cold-call mail to a few experts; one at least read my paragraph.  i'd like
> >        to know at least that my mail arr and hopefully was glanced at!]
> I believe you're looking for a receipt confirmation tool, but I don't
> believe mutt has that capability, as its job is to write mail, and
> direct it to the MTA.
> Either way, receipt confirmations are not always accurate, as I never
> send confirmations that I have received mail -- then I'd *need* to
> reply.

Indeed.  Also, these links may be useful...

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