Why FreeBSD not popular on hardware vendors

FBSD UG freebsd at rgbaz.eu
Sun Dec 14 07:38:31 PST 2008

>> SO - please just stop ALL NTG topics here. this group really lacks
>> moderator. not someone that will remove posts he considers "lame"  
>> but all
>> that is off topic.
>> Off topic=not about FreeBSD OS.
> I'm amazed that you seem to think that making FreeBSD do what one  
> wants
> it to do isn't a FreeBSD topic.

when is something part of FBSD and when not?

all the ports aren't?
so dhcpd is not part of FBSD either?

where does that philosophy ends then?
is sendmail part of FBSD...?
maybe the whole userland isn't and FreeBSD is just a kernel?

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