Canonical way for DHCP->IP->/etc/hosts

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sun Dec 14 06:48:26 PST 2008

> I am sorry if this question has been asked over and over again - however the 
> htdig search interface for the lists is somewhat shaky and gives referrer 
> errors for me.
> Pre-conditions.
> Dualhomed firewalled FreeBSD7.1. One nic is LAN and the other dynamical IP 
> from ISP.
> Question: What is the canonical way for catching the IP address from a DHCP 
> assigned nic (from ISP that doesn't set hostname) and put the IP into 
> /etc/hosts with a hostname?

man dhclient.conf

you can specify your script that will be started on changes, but i won't 
tell you ready-to-use example because i never needed it.

write your script that will fix /etc/hosts on IP change.

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