anybody know where "words.db" is?

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Sat Dec 13 21:42:05 PST 2008

On Sat, Dec 13, 2008 at 09:12:47PM -0600, Dan Nelson wrote:
> In the last episode (Dec 13), Gary Kline said:
> > I'm trying to build a rhyming diction on FBSD.  am missing something
> > i thought we had.  my linux download is mizzing it.  i also checked
> > on my ubuntu computer. locate can't find "words.db" either.  any
> > ideas?
> Are you maybe looking for /usr/share/dict/words ?  If not, you'll have
> to tell us what you expect words.db to contain.

	well, apologies to anybody who puzzled at my post.  i finally looked at the
	makefile.  it uses the gnu "gdbm" and the textfiles, words.txt, rhymes.txt,
	and multiple.txt to create the database files.  and thus build the rhyme

	okay, after an hour++ i finally located the *.txt files.  i have them in the
	directory with the rest of the stuff.  it is largely from cmu.  from public
	domain and with soe lexigraphical work.  the gotcha is that the 
	TEXTFILE line in the makefile doesn't do anything.  it just lists the three
	txt files.  it is nowhere further references.

	my question is pretty simple: given the words.txt, how do i create words.db?
	same with the rest of it....

	it's great that somebody from cmu, or wherever, grabbed this stuff, but the
	makefile is incomplete.


	ps: sorry, this is purely a cmdline tool!!

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