CMS suggestion on FreeBSD (except Mambo)

Nguyen Tam Chinh unixvn at
Sat Dec 13 17:31:17 PST 2008

On Sat, Dec 13, 2008 at 9:26 PM, munkhbayar batkhuu <bmr333 at> wrote:
> Dear all FreeBSD list members.
> One of my old FreeBSD-5.4 server is installed with Mambo (4.6.2 Bug
> Stomp Pre-Release 2, not installed from ports) and I'm going to
> upgrade this Content Management System (CMS) to FreeBSD-7 and tried to
> install Mambo via ports.
> New portaudit installed system says Mambo have security issue and
> can't be installed. And I'm not going to use Mambo. (I know Mambo have
> long standing history of security issues).
> It seems that Joomla will be installed fine (,however).
> My question is, "Can you suggest me on more secure open source CMS?,
> which CMS are you using on FreeBSD?".

How about WordPress? Its code is very nice :)

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Chinh Nguyen

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