Why FreeBSD not popular on hardware vendors

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On Sat, 13 Dec 2008 21:38:29 +0100 (CET)
Wojciech Puchar <wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl> wrote:

> It's nice people like to help other people, but it's bad it helps
> them on that lists with OFF-TOPIC problems.

i think these illustrations you present are relevant:

>- comparision of things that can't be compared, and are not FreeBSD 
>specific, like "what is better windoze or KDE"
i think questions like this come as a result of the asker not knowing
the landscape (which is certainly forgivable) or just wanting a quick
answer without wanting to understand anything (which is not).
more appropriate - how is freebsd better than windoze?

btw, just in case anyone is interested this is the page that got to go
to freebsd way back when:
(don't know how accurate it is now, but it is a comparison of
freebsd, linux and win2000)
i've travelled around a fair bit with both bsds and linuxes, but came
back to freebsd.

>- "When there will be 64-bit Nvidia Xorg support" - ask NVidia or Xorg 
>team. It's not part of FreeBSD
i would think a question like this would be asked by people who don't
understand the mechanisms involved specifically that freebsd doesn't
provide the drivers and that it is unreasonable to expect the already
generous developers to reverse engineer something like this.

> i don't mean moderation like removing one opinions and not others.
agreed. that would be unreasonable censorship.

you're reply to another post:
> If you wish you can call me "fuhrer" ;) but iwth Gestapo you certainly
> got too far. 
good response to that unfortunate eruption of enthusiasm.
moderation would definitely not be a bad thing in some situations!

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