Why FreeBSD not popular on hardware vendors

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Chad Perrin <perrin at apotheon.com> wrote:

> I'll
> provide a technical example, as opposed to a social example, so maybe
> you'll be able to understand my point ... 
good illustrative examples, chad!

i think moderation has value if it is done reasonably. for instance,
people who talk about foreign currency values on a freebsd list should
be watched very closely.

woj made a good point in another post i think in that he's happy
helping beginners who really do wish to learn. i know i've come across
some who think the world owes them everything and make ridiculous
demands on a list (not to mention ot posts - and they aren't even
trying to sell you anything!).

however, in general i like giorgos' comment the best that he was helped
a decade ago and he's returning that favor. so in that respect, i agree
with your 'false positives' concern - innocent till proven guilty!

anyone know if there are moderators for this list?

i know there are some very nice people who keep watch. once i messaged
the test list with a ports question (i was having trouble emailing this
one - so i was testing to see if there was some problem in general),
and a very considerate person from freebsd.org, Remko Lodder, emailed
me asking if i knew that i was emailing the test list. i found it 
really decent that people look out for others here!

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