Why FreeBSD not popular on hardware vendors

Giorgos Keramidas keramida at ceid.upatras.gr
Sat Dec 13 09:19:46 PST 2008

On Sat, 13 Dec 2008 01:03:39 -0800, perryh at pluto.rain.com wrote:
>> after reading all these posts, i've still come up with this answer
>> after looking ..  "freebsd - the power to serve"
> Might one reasonably surmise that "the power to serve" implies doing a
> good job of running server software?  Like mail servers, FTP servers,
> web servers, file servers, database servers, ssh servers, even - gasp
> - X11 servers?

I am 'served' quite well by my GUI programs too, if that's part of the
question.  The word 'service' is not limited by the very narrow meaning
of an IP based or other network application :-)

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