install freebsd from inside another operating system

Robin Becker robin at
Sat Dec 13 06:58:39 PST 2008

My experiments with the depenguinator seem to show it has a hidden 
dependency on the partition used for the constructed disk image.

On my ubuntu 8.10 the original install constructed

/dev/sda2 extended
/dev/sda5 swap

Not sure why the extended, but it wasn't really needed so I deleted sda5 
& sda2 and then created a new primary partition /dev/sda2 for the swap.

When using /dev/sda5 grub gave an error 12: invalid device, now with 
exactly the same build process /dev/sda2 gives a boot that works. 
However, the result crashes when the next stage kicks in.

I don't know where the dependency is, perhaps it must use a primary 
partition or perhaps there's some way to specify the boot device that's 
not being used. The bootcode is fixed and not a function of the boot 
target (which is suspicious).
Robin Becker

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