CMS suggestion on FreeBSD (except Mambo)

munkhbayar batkhuu bmr333 at
Sat Dec 13 05:52:45 PST 2008

Dear all FreeBSD list members.

One of my old FreeBSD-5.4 server is installed with Mambo (4.6.2 Bug
Stomp Pre-Release 2, not installed from ports) and I'm going to
upgrade this Content Management System (CMS) to FreeBSD-7 and tried to
install Mambo via ports.
New portaudit installed system says Mambo have security issue and
can't be installed. And I'm not going to use Mambo. (I know Mambo have
long standing history of security issues).
It seems that Joomla will be installed fine (,however).

My question is, "Can you suggest me on more secure open source CMS?,
which CMS are you using on FreeBSD?".

Thanks in advance.

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