Double Posts

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Fri Dec 12 20:35:25 PST 2008

Gabe wrote:
> Its a conspiracy. Is it safe to say that it is in fact gmail related?
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>>> Anyone have any clue what I would be getting two of every message
>>> posted to the group?
>>> It started yesterday and nothing has changed on my end (that I am
>>> aware of)
>>> I'm using outlook 2008, picking up from gmail.
>>> Thanks
>>> Gary
>> Consider yourself lucky. I have been reading horror stories on the
>> GMail forum regarding users losing email. In any event, if it just
>> started and you did not change MUAs, it is almost guaranteed to be a
>> Google (GMail) problem. By the way, are you using IMAP or POP?
> Hmm, this disappearing e-mails issue: I experienced it today. 2 test mails
> from my gmail account, to a mailing list where I am member, I see the mails
> sent to a gmail server from the logs of my mailing list server, but the
> mails failed to show up on my gmail account, Completely!!

I canceled my gmail account because its so un-reliable. Goggle should 
not enter the field of online email. They have a good search engine but 
their email system is the worse i have ever seen.

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