Why FreeBSD not popular on hardware vendors

michael michael.copeland at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 13:21:19 PST 2008

has anyone stopped at all during this discussion and considered what 
you're arguing about? you're all complaining about a SERVER os that 
doesn't have an nvidia driver for its 64bit implementation and Wojciech.
I mean seriously, has this helped anything at all? is ranting on here 
about those two things going to change 8.0 to be the next best gaming 
console? no. if you want to use freebsd on your desktop with 3D you can. 
just run i386. but this entire thread has gone down hill from the OP, 
and it is nonsense. you get a few more registers with 64bit and some 
more ram, big deal. show me a gaming console that needs more than four 
gigs of ram. its not a priority and it shouldn't be. this is a server 
class operating system that you CAN use on your desk if wanted. even 
linux in all its glory with an nvidia 64bit driver isn't all that great 
at gaming, i'm sorry its just not. its not that great with 3D modeling 
either(in house and proprietary software like maya do not count).

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