vinum raid degraded

Gerhard Schmidt estartu at
Fri Dec 12 05:10:16 PST 2008


I'm running a gvinum raid array with 4x80G drives. This raid is running
for 4 Years now. Today i found out that the status in degraded. All
drives are up but on subdisk is stale. How can get the raid out of
degraded mode. I have attached the output of gvinum l


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4 drives:
D vinumdrive3           State: up	/dev/ad7	A: 0/78533 MB (0%)
D vinumdrive2           State: up	/dev/ad6	A: 0/78533 MB (0%)
D vinumdrive1           State: up	/dev/ad5s1	A: 0/78533 MB (0%)
D vinumdrive0           State: up	/dev/ad4	A: 0/78533 MB (0%)

1 volume:
V daten                 State: up	Plexes:       1	Size:        230 GB

1 plex:
P daten.p0           R5 State: degraded	Subdisks:     4	Size:        230 GB

4 subdisks:
S daten.p0.s3           State: up	D: vinumdrive3  Size:         76 GB
S daten.p0.s2           State: up	D: vinumdrive2  Size:         76 GB
S daten.p0.s1           State: stale	D: vinumdrive1  Size:         76 GB
S daten.p0.s0           State: up	D: vinumdrive0  Size:         76 GB

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