Why FreeBSD not popular on hardware vendors

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Thu Dec 11 10:18:22 PST 2008

Quoting Julien Cigar <jcigar at ulb.ac.be>:

> On Thu, 2008-12-11 at 15:56 +0100, Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>> > - on almost all my machines I have problems with CD/DVD drives, mostly
>> > things like READ_BIG timeout, etc. I tried almost everything (disabling
>> > ACPI, DMA, upgrading the drive BIOS, etc), disabling DMA resolved some
>> > problems, but it's still impossible to burn a DVD for example.
>> i don't have. i use only atapicam+cd driver, no acd.
> Of course I tried atapicam too (I even removed acd totally from the
> kernel), but it doesn't resolve the problem(s)

I assume that you made the recommended links en /etc/devfs.conf etc.  
so I won't go into it but it has been literally years that I haven't  
had an issue burning cd's or dvd's be it music, movies, OS's built  
here or elsewhere.  I've just recently started trusting all my burning  
to k3b because I like the music for success after finishing the burn. ;)

It works on all my different machines, even a cheapy acer laptop with dvdrw.

As I said, I've not seen it NOT work on any and all cheap hardware in  
a long, long time.  I guess maybe I'm just lucky.


P.S. The only thing that doesn't work on my cheapy laptop is the  
crystal eye webcam but I think that even the linux crowd is having  
issues with it plus I'm too old to want to send my video.

>> > - my mouse (a Logitec MX 300, USB) is still undetected at boot. Every
>> > time I have to unplug/plug it after boot. Not a big deal I admit, but
>> > boring.
>> > - USB mass storage plug/unplug sometimes causes system panic. I know
>> never got such thing, except when i forgot to unmount
> "except when i forgot to unmount" -> yep, the problem lies here, it's so
> natural to just unplug an USB device
>> > that this is a well known bug that require some rearchitecting and that
>> > a proper umount has always been the way to umount a drive, but,
>> > honestly, you cannot seriously convince someone to use FreeBSD with
>> > things like this ...
>> > - Altough ports are fantastic, building things like OpenOffice or ... is
>> > just inhuman, especially when you cannot use -j for building ports (but
>> > it's being resolved I think). Of course there are packages, but it's far
>> > less friendly to use (and manage) than apt-get/dpkg.
>> you may pkg_add from ftp repository
> of course .. too bad that there is no pkg_upgrade
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