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Dan Mahoney, System Admin danm at prime.gushi.org
Thu Dec 11 09:00:20 PST 2008

Okay, new problem with regard to netgroups, NIS, and Pam:

Given the following situation:

* I want to be able to have su work normally in the event of an NIS 
disconnect, since I will likely need to su to fix said disconnect.

* The wheel group needs to stay local

* I want su to still use group ownership as a check

I recently could not get an admin account (defined in NIS) to su to root. 
Even though "groups username" showed he was in wheel (and the wheel group 
has been propagated into NIS), pam_group and pw groupshow show him as 
not.)  This is probably because the local wheel group overrode the NIS 
wheel group.  (I'm not that thrilled by having the wheel group in NIS 

Since pam_group is "requisite", there's no easy way to call it multiple 
times, and no easy pam syntax to say "one of these two must pass". 
Required won't help, Otherwise I'd simply define an extra group, call it 
NISwheel or something, and configure access accordingly.

What I instead would propose is for pam_group to take an optional argument 
list instead of a single group (or possibly, multiple group= 

Doing something with pam_exec is an option here as well, but I feel this 
functionality should be fairly elementary to add, moving forward.



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