update packages or reinstall

Gary Hartl ghartl at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 08:08:53 PST 2008

Hi all;

Ok I've got a system running 6.0-release, it is an internal server and has
nothing important on it.

I'm running into problems where a lot of the packages are old and out of
date, and everyday it seems I'm having to update 5-6 of em for something or

I'm considering just wiping the system clean and starting from scratch to
say either 6.4-release or 7.0 release.

It is a sun netra x1 with a ultrasparc IIe 400mhz and 512mb ram.  The
machine is here at my location, so accessibility is no problem at all

I know it is primarily my choice but feedback on whether a total wipe and
reinstall with something a bit more current would be a better choice than
fixing what I have.

All feedback welcome.



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