slim(Simple LogIn Manager) problem

Kevin Monceaux Kevin at
Wed Dec 10 06:57:37 PST 2008

FreeBSD Fans,

After a recent install I'm having trouble with slim.  The last time I 
installed FreeBSD on my home desktop box slim worked well.

I'm running RELENG_7 with xorg, slim, etc., installed from an up-to-date 
ports tree.  I created my xorg.conf file via xorgconfig, and also tried 
Xorg -config to see if it made any difference.  Does any of the following 
symptoms sound familiar to anyone?

If I start slim via /etc/ttys using:

ttyv8   "/usr/local/bin/slim"   xterm   on secure

I can sign on to slim but can't do anything after that.  I use dwm as my 
window manager and when it first starts I normally have just a blank black 
screen, so I'm not sure if dwm is actually starting or not.  pgrep says 
it's running.  My .xinitrc has:

xrdb ~/.Xresources
xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap
xsetroot -cursor_name left_ptr
xsetroot -solid black
unclutter &
exec /home/dokpm0/bin/dwm

It's clearing slim's background image, so I know it's at least getting to 
xsetroot -solid black.  I tried setting DISPLAY and starting a urxvt 
terminal session from a virtual console.  pgrep said urxvt was running but 
it didn't appear in my X session.

If I disable slim in /etc/ttys and start it via /usr/local/etc/rc.d/slim I 
can sign on and everything works except the mouse, and in terminal 
sessions I start my path is wrong.  I failed to make a note of the exact 
path I'm getting, and I'm working remotely right now, but I think it 
started with:

    ./:/bin: ...

login.conf has:

:path=/sbin /bin /usr/sbin /usr/bin /usr/games /usr/local/sbin /usr/local/bin ~/bin:\

as the default path.  One of the the missing paths is ~/bin, and ./ 
shouldn't be in the path, but is.

To make things more interesting, if I stop slim, sign on to a virtual 
console, and use startx to, well, start X everything works.  My mouse 
works, my path is correct, etc.  Has anyone seen a similar slim problem? 
The path problem is easy enough to work around via an entry in my 
~/.zshenv file.  With dwm I can do almost everything via the keyboard, but 
a functional mouse does come in handy occasionally.  :-)

Bruceville, TX

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