USB Keyboard is not working with a custom kernel

??? ???? noor at
Tue Dec 9 21:54:55 PST 2008

Hello list,

I've custom-built a kernel for a FreeBSD 7.0-STABLE amd64 system.
The kernel file (/sys/amd64/conf/KERNEL) is shown below:

*********************************************************** START OF FILE **
machine                         amd64
cpu                             HAMMER
ident                           KERNEL
maxusers                        1024

# Mandatory options
options                         SCHED_ULE

options                         SMP

# CPU frequency control
device                          cpufreq

# Memory (Adjusted for 4GB RAM for AMD64)
options                         MAXDSIZ="(1536UL*1024*1024)"    # 1.5GB for data
options                         MAXSSIZ="(256UL*1024*1024)"     # 256MB for stack
options                         DFLDSIZ="(1536UL*1024*1024)"    # Set default data size to 1.5GB

# Configuration
options                         KSE
options                         PREEMPTION
options                         PANIC_REBOOT_WAIT_TIME=30
options                         COMPAT_43
options                         SYSVSHM
options                         SYSVSEM
options                         SYSVMSG
options                         _KPOSIX_PRIORITY_SCHEDULING
options                         ADAPTIVE_GIANT

# Screen, Keyboard & Mouse
options                         MAXCONS=4

# File System
options                         FFS
options                         CD9660
options                         PROCFS
options                         PSEUDOFS
options                         SOFTUPDATES
options                         UFS_DIRHASH
options                         UFS_GJOURNAL

# Filesystems, Samba/CIFS shares
options                         NETSMB          # SMB/CIFS requester
options                         LIBMCHAIN       # mbuf management library
options                         LIBICONV
options                         SMBFS
options                         NFSSERVER
options                         NFSCLIENT
options                         NFSLOCKD

# Networking
options                         INET
options                         ACCEPT_FILTER_DATA

# All devices (Network, SCSI, Disks, Interface, ...)
device                          miibus
device                          bge
device                          sio
device                          fdc
device                          ata
device                          atadisk
device                          atapicd
device                          atapifd
device                          loop
device                          ether
device                          isa
device                          eisa
device                          pci
device                          agp
device                          random
device                          scbus
device                          da
device                          cd
device                          ciss

# Screen, Keyboard & Mouse
device                          atkbdc
device                          atkbd
device                          psm
device                          vga
device                          sc
device                          uhci            # UHCI PCI->USB interface
device                          ohci            # OHCI PCI->USB interface
device                          ehci            # EHCI PCI->USB interface (USB 2.0)
device                          usb             # USB Bus (required)
device                          ukbd            # Keyboard
device                          ugen            # Generic
device                          uhid            # "Human Interface Devices"

# Misc
device                          acpi
device                          pass
device                          pty
device                          snp
device                          speaker
************************************************************* END OF FILE **

With this kernel, whenever I connect a USB keyboard, I see on the console an alert ("USB keyboard device this and that, connected to ....") and even the make/model of the keyboard is shown, but the keyboard doesn't work. The Num/Caps locks work (I mean, the light on the keyboard alternates between ON/OFF whenever press on the keys).

Anyone knows what's the problem? And how to fix it?

Thanks in advance.


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