Backup complete gmirror/gstripe/gjournal drives, how-to?

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Mon Dec 8 01:29:47 PST 2008

Doug Poland wrote:
> Hello,
> I've got a 7.1-PRERELEASE i386 box with 4 SATA drives configured in a
> RAID-10 using gmirror, gstripe, and gjournal.  Normally, I use dump and
> rsync for periodic backups on this machine, but I suspect that the
> gmirror/gstripe/gjournal information is not being backed up.
> If my assumption is correct, how can I perform a "one-time" backup such
> that I could do a bare-metal restore?  The essence of the question being
> I want to preserve not only the data, but also the
> gmirror/gstripe/gjournal meta-data as well.
> The only thought that comes to mind is to boot with a 7.1 live
> filesystem CD-ROM and "dd" each drive, piping the results to my backup
> machine.  e.g.,
> host#  dd if=/dev/ad4  bs=2m | gzip | nc backuphost 12345
> host#  dd if=/dev/ad6  bs=2m | gzip | nc backuphost 12346
> host#  dd if=/dev/ad10 bs=2m | gzip | nc backuphost 12347
> host#  dd if=/dev/ad12 bs=2m | gzip | nc backuphost 12348
> Any thoughts, suggestions, caveats?

I hope you understand the problems with this kind of backup procedures.

Assuming that ad4,6,10,12 are the drives from which you created your
RAID-10, everything is "backed up", including GEOM metadata.

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