Why FreeBSD not popular on hardware vendors

onsapoengo Ons onsapoengo at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 00:01:40 PST 2008

Hello !
It would be desirable to learn from experienced users OS - why FreeBSD does
not concern the category serious systems at the overwhelming majority of
manufacturers of hardware. More recently there were times when anybody from
manufacturers did not notice Linux. However now it is possible to find a few
companies who does not write drivers Linux for the products. Has really
problem only in small user-base? More recently for example I addressed in a
support service of one very large company who making a servers. The question
has been connected with incorrectly working equipment. When me have asked
"Whats there OS on harware" and having received answer "FreeBSD", they have
given out "put normal OS - their list is at us on a site and then we will
respond on yours ticked". It is very strange to hear similar things if to
consider that by data netcraft and to other sources of information FreeBSD
is the favourite at a number of large organisations ISP. It seems to me
vendors are afraid of that FreeBSD has stable Core no structure. And if the
constant collective of the developers working for the paid standard working
days of 5 days in week has been generated - who would give support FreeBSD -
people would concern serious OS and they would not have a feeling of
incomprehensibility about the future and perspectivity FreeBSD. The salary
to these programmers can be collected through donations or - perhaps to let
out the commercial project on the basis of FreeBSD - for example the
complete well adjusted distribution kit for servers or desktop - as PCBSD
command does. And it is still possible - somewhere to publish base loyal
vendors - "good" and "evil" in relation to FreeBSD. In number good to bring
those who by own strength accompanies FreeBSD drivers the equipment. For
example I know from such - 3Ware letting out controllers. Nvidia graphics
card for i386. I very much love FreeBSD as OS, but unfortunately people have
no correct representation about it. Where the truth. Thanks & WBR!

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