custom kernel

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Fri Dec 5 17:46:05 PST 2008

PJ wrote:


Read carefully:

> uvscom.o (.text+0x293): In function 'uvscom_attach' ;
> :undefined reference to 'ucom_attach' etc.....
> *** Error code 1

See further down at bottom.

> did I do something wrong? system is still on and functioning but how do
> I make the custom kernel?

The canonical first thing to do is to see if your system will build GENERIC.
If it does not you have done something to the OS. If GENERIC builds OK
and your custom kernel config will not, there is something broken with your
config file. Remember to cd /usr/obj and rm -rf usr or make clean first. 
Always clean out the stale leftovers prior to build.

> this is my kernel file:
> # $FreeBSD: src/sys/i386/conf/GENERIC,v 1.474.2.7 2008/04/10 22:09:22
> rwatson Exp $

I'm at home and only have two GENERIC conf files to look at.

# $FreeBSD: src/sys/i386/conf/GENERIC,v 1.474.2.15 2008/11/24 00:52:26 yongari Exp $


# $FreeBSD: src/sys/i386/conf/GENERIC,v 1.474. 2008/02/06 03:24:28 scottl Exp $

> cpu		I686_CPU
> ident		MYKERNEL
> # To statically compile in device wiring instead of /boot/device.hints
> #hints		"GENERIC.hints"		# Default places to look for devices.
> # USB Serial devices
> #device		ucom		# Generic com ttys
> device		uvscom		# USB serial support for DDI pocket's PHS

Read the error message. It is failing to build uvscom because uvscom
depends on #device ucom and you have ucom commented out. 


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