Performance benchmarks pitting FreeBSD against Windows

Bruce Cran bruce at
Fri Dec 5 08:35:03 PST 2008

On Fri, 05 Dec 2008 04:30:20 +0000
af300wsm at wrote:

> I'm just curious to see how it looks for my own sanity's sake. At
> work, someone got the grand idea that we should move to Windoze
> embedded (CE and XPe) and it's been quite discouraging I must say,
> though I must admit, it's nice to actually know why Windows is ugly
> underneath. From a programming perspective, it's just not simplistic.
> Anyway, I digress, I'm just curious to see how things compare to
> Windows on similar benchmarks to what Kris provided if its ever been
> done.

The userland win32 API might be rather unpleasant but I was surprised
to learn to driver interface in the kernel is actually quite nice, and
isn't too dissimilar to FreeBSD in some ways.  In
terms of performance Windows-based machines have made it into the
Top500 list of supercomputers, so at the high end performance must be
acceptable at least.

Bruce Cran

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