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Fri Dec 5 07:47:53 PST 2008

On Fri, 5 Dec 2008 09:42:58 -0600, "Andrew Gould" <andrewlylegould at gmail.com> wrote:
> If your CD or DVD is loaded (not mounted) at /dev/cd0, the following command
> will create an iso image in the current directory:
>      dd if=/dev/cd0 of=filename.iso bs=2048
> If you want an easy process, you can put this in a script, followed by a
> growisofs command to burn the file to another DVD device, allowing the
> script to overwrite the previous DVD iso file.  Or you could write a script
> where you supply a name for the iso image file to maintain backup images.

Thanks, dd is a good suggestion for ISO data. But what I need
is a 1:1 copy no matter what the DVD actually contains - I know,
I didn't mention this in a clear way, sorry.

For example, the cdrdao command I mentioned before does copy
the source 1:1 to the destination media, for cases such as
	- an ISO image (data CD)
	- audio tracks (music CD)
	- VCD
	- video files without ISO enclosing
	  (yes, my standalone player runs these, and it's
	   easy to mplayer -fs /dev/cd0 to watch a movie
	   that is an AVI or MPG file)
	- an ISO image *and* audio tracks

I'm searching for the same functionality applyable to DVD,
so I can easily clone video DVDs I made, as well as data DVDs
or DVDs with audio tracks (yes, this works, too).

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