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On Fri, 05 Dec 2008 07:00:43 +0100, Frank Bonnet <f.bonnet at> wrote:
> G magicman wrote:
> > Hello  does anyone know the following
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> > 1.  Does Freebsd have a program like Photoshop avail to use a copy-left GNU license type ? and a form of Thumbsplus which allows me to do rudimentary picture manipulations changing file type, cropping etc.  i have all the 3d programs but not these 2 basic ones.
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> > Thank you
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For now, The Gimp has been suggested many times. I've heard
from users that there's "Gimpshop" to make The Gimp's excellent
interface look like the one of "Photoshop" for those users
who want it. Personally, I find the "original" Gimp interface
isn't as bad as claimed by many users who are spoiled by
the "Windows" way of doing things. :-)

Furthermore, there's Krita, if you're already using KDE.

For automated image manipulations, ImageMagick and especially
its convert command are very useful and powerful (!) tools.

What about Inkscape? Tried this one?

But finally, for professional use, The Gimp seems to be the
best program availabe at the moment.

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