Performance benchmarks pitting FreeBSD against Windows

af300wsm at af300wsm at
Thu Dec 4 20:30:21 PST 2008


I don't even know if this has been done before, nor do I know for sure if  
it's a sound comparison. Never the less, someone posted, in response to  
someone else here just a few days ago, some very nice benchmarks provided  
by Kris ?Kenneway? I could be wrong on the last name, it just seems to me  
that's a last name I've seen with Kris frequently (my apologies Kris if I'm  
wrong). Using the URL that the other poster, posted, I poked around the  
other *.html files in that directory, but did not find any with FreeBSD  
pitted against windows.

I'm just curious to see how it looks for my own sanity's sake. At work,  
someone got the grand idea that we should move to Windoze embedded (CE and  
XPe) and it's been quite discouraging I must say, though I must admit, it's  
nice to actually know why Windows is ugly underneath. From a programming  
perspective, it's just not simplistic. Anyway, I digress, I'm just curious  
to see how things compare to Windows on similar benchmarks to what Kris  
provided if its ever been done.


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