hp dv2225nr laptop optical drive random ejects

michael michael.copeland at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 04:53:56 PST 2008

I had assumed something like that, but my drive is san cable. It uses a 
solid connection via a hard plastic port, similar to an sata port, but 
no cables. That lead me to believe that the port itself could be 
ill-aligned or something. I can press on the case above the optical 
drive and it will eject. So that must be what it is.

Anthony M. Rasat wrote:
>> has anyone ever seen this happen? >system is 8.0-current, drive is not 
>> being used and it will just eject while >sitting on a table.
> Yes, I did.
> It was hardware-related. It was the CD/DVD ribbon connector getting all wrinkles and apparently something resetting just out of even the smallest vibration.
> You may find this ribbon connector appearance conspicous. It usually gold or red colored. Look from under your laptop while drive's out if you can't see it from topside.
> And this ribbon connector is not exactly cheap too. I'm not sure why.

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