Tool for benchmark local disk vs. iSCSI

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Thu Dec 4 04:28:02 PST 2008

Ewald Jenisch wrote:
> Hi,
> To gain an understanding on the performance of iSCSI vs. local disk IO
> I'm looking for a tool.
> My first thought was about "iozone"...

iozone is ok, but a little complex to run. Any disk benchmark will be ok
- bonnie++, blogbench, etc. but each has an emphasis on a different
aspect of the system. I think bonnie++ will be the simplest in your case.

Make sure you know what you're benchmarking - for example if the iSCSI
drive (target) is hosted as a file in a regular file system, it will be
overly (and dangerously) cached on the server.

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