Downgrading Ports

Marcel Grandemange thavinci at
Thu Dec 4 02:54:21 PST 2008

> Good Day Guys.
> Im wondering how can one downgrade ports?
> And I don't mean installed ports (portdowngrade) , I mean the actual 
> ports system.
> I have found the freeradius2 port to be broken and can't install it 
> therefore I would like to downgrade ports to try install an older version.
> Any advise?

>See portdowngrade(1) -- it doesn't do what you think it does.  Use it to
fetch an earlier version of the port and then reinstall it however you wish,
e.g. using portupgrade(1).

[root at devvm /usr/ports/net/freeradius2]# portdowngrade freeradius2

portdowngrade 0.6 by Heiner Eichmann
Please note, that nothing is changed in the ports tree
unless it is explicitly permitted in step 6!

Seeking port freeradius2 ... not found
[root at devvm /usr/ports/net/freeradius2]# ls
Makefile        distinfo        files           pkg-descr       pkg-plist

I have used portdowngrade successfully on ports already installed, but
doesn't work on a port not installed yet.
Am I doing something wrong?

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