FreeBSD 7.0 problems

Da Rock rock_on_the_web at
Thu Dec 4 00:27:21 PST 2008

I have just installed FreeBSD 7.0 on a laptop I just cleaned up. It used
to run Fedora linux (I have a tv card which used to work on it, but now
I can't get the drivers to work again), and it got very cluttered and
started getting issues. The hardware is fine though- it just returned
from servicing under warranty and nearly every component was replaced.
Ergo I can't fault the hardware in any way.

I tried FreeBSD 7.0 before, but it wasn't working properly for me and I
didn't have the time then to get all the reports to make a PR.

Now, I decided to sort this out- finally! The issues I'm having are
similar to before, but not quite the same (keeping in mind that I didn't
take much time with it before). They are:

The wifi driver complains of timeout errors. (Intel iwi 2200bg - last
time I tried had a ralink wifi)
Xorg has DRI errors - fills /var and tries to kill the whole system (I'm
probably exaggerating, but it felt like it at least)
dhclient loses the IP constantly.

So: How do I present these issues for review? What information is
needed? Anything I've missed?

This is the first time I've had to do this (which I think is pretty
good- goes to show how well the OS is built), so I'm a little green in
this regard.


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