5 TB server

Karl Vogel vogelke+software at pobox.com
Wed Dec 3 10:48:25 PST 2008

>> On Sun, 30 Nov 2008 17:45:40 +0200, 
>> "Valentin Bud" <valentin.bud at gmail.com> said:

V> I perfectly agree with you and yes there might be monsters out there
V> in the ZFS on FreeBSD but the fact that us (the community) embrace
V> the change and apply it makes the development of it possible and even
V> faster.

   I'm all in favor of more development as far as weeding out the corner
   cases is concerned.  I just don't want one of those cases to be found
   on my production server.

V> I have thought about a decent UPS and already told them that they
V> should install an alarm system of some sort because neither I nor any
V> IT company can warranty them physical security.

   Physical security is their problem; just make sure you point that
   out so you're not on the hook for it.  The UPS is essential; power
   isn't terribly clean (from an IT perspective) where I work, and I'm
   not exactly in the backwoods of America.

V> The room is not possible :|, that would have been great.  What do you
V> think about a rack of some sort?

   Make sure your rack has plenty of room for ventilation.  My only
   complaints about racks are too much server crowding and noise.

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