restore superblock

PJ af.gourmet at
Wed Dec 3 09:28:59 PST 2008

I have been googling for superblock restore and things are a bit 
confusing. Some of the commands don't seem to match current fsck 
parameters (notably -b doesn't exist.
Apparently I should be able to reconstruct the superblock(s) on my /usr 
partition (slice ?) as my searches found that there are backups of the 
superblocks on the files systems.
But how do I find them and restore the corrupt ones? Not clear in my 
I have another installation of fbsd 7.0 on another machine with the 
partitioning identical and identical hdds.
How could I use the superblock and/or other information from the good 
installation to repair the damaged one - or would it be possible to 
recover the superblock info from the damaged one's backcups?
Phil Jourdan

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