Best Journaling File System - ZFS/???

Patrick Lamaizière patfbsd at
Wed Dec 3 04:46:37 PST 2008

Le Tue, 2 Dec 2008 08:57:58 -0800,
"Don O'Neil" <lists at> a écrit :

> With all the discussions of ZFS lately, I'm beginning to wonder if
> it's really ready for a production environment. Concerns over memory
> utilization, speed, stability, etc...
> So, my question is this... If you were building a brand new 6.3/7.0
> server with decent performance (dual core, 32 Bit OS - because of
> known compatibility issues with specific software, 4 GB RAM, etc...)
> what file system would you choose? What options are out there besides
> UFS and ZFS? What FS's are least likely to have corruption issues
> when there are power hits?

May be UFS + gjournal.
I use gjournal since FreeBSD 7.0 and it seems to work fine.


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