FreeBSD and hardware??

michael michael.copeland at
Wed Dec 3 03:44:53 PST 2008

Bruce Cran wrote:
> On Tue, 02 Dec 2008 14:04:51 -0500
> michael <michael.copeland at> wrote:
>> Bob McConnell wrote:
>>> 2. Do an SMB mount of remote directories onto the desktop or your
>>> home directory. Open any application and access files in that
>>> directory as easily as when they are on the local drive.
> [...]
>> also, my vlc sees any mounted drive or directory, no matter the 
>> protocol. so does mplayer, etc. i don't know why your system doesn't 
>> operate correctly, but i don't have that issue at all.
>> e,g:
>> /mnt/Azureus Downloads
>> this mount is mounted over samba from a computer on the other side of 
>> the house, and i see everything on it and play my files over the
>> network.
> But it doesn't work if you use "Places -> Connect to Server" - the share
> appears on the Desktop as though it's mounted, but you have to realise
> that it's actually a GVFS mount, not a kernel-level mount.  So only
> Gnome applications which know about GVFS are able to see the files.
yeah.. i don't use that. mine are mounted with smbfs.

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